Friday, December 20, 2002

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

As Airlines take Bankruptcy, they should be nationalized into ONE Big Federal Airline.
Otherwise, what will happen to Aviation Industry?
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Another GOOD Idea that will get a LOT of criticism.
FL is using troopers disguised as construction workers to curb the rising number of accidents in construction areas.
According to state records, those crashes increased from 2,489 in 1997 to 2,943 in 2001 -- while the death toll in that period went from 24 to 37. Injuries totaled 2,986 in 2001 -- up from 2,737 in 1997.
Troopers want motorists to know they are using these tactics.
Perhaps the program's most potent weapon against speeders is the uncertainty it causes.
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Posted on Fri, Aug. 09, 2002 Truck drivers are deputized to watch Pa. roads
Another Good Idea - Why isn't NV working on programs like this?????HARRISBURG - Pennsylvania's first volunteer "trucking army" was deputized yesterday with orders to protect the state's infrastructure and report security concerns on the highways. After what amounted to a crash course in counter-terrorism, the state's first 50 trucker recruits were authorized under a federally funded program to report suspicious activity to authorities - regardless of where they are or whether they are on duty.
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Why isn't the military used in other emergencies? They should be.
Hey! It is ONLY $55 MILLION $$$.
U.S. Treasury Department's Bureau of Engraving and Printing
awarded its five-year, $55 million advertising and public relations account to
WPP Group's Burson-Marsteller, Washington.
The Ads will promote the redesign of U.S. money
in a campaign aimed at replacing all
U.S. bills of $20 and higher starting as soon as fall of 2003.
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Look at This Amber Map to see what other cities are doing.
Why doesn't La$ Vega$ have an AMBER System?
I had a Reporter ask me -
Isn't Castrating Repeated Sex Offenders Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

NO!!!!! What he did to that little girl in CA - THAT is - Cruel and Unusual Punishment.
Castrate Repeated Sex Offenders
The SEARCH goes on - Can Anyone tell me ONE good thing Bush has done
since he took office. Just ONE.
We have to STOP worrying about hurting other peoples feelings.
Oh, I’m Sorry Mr. Rapist
did I hurt your feeling when I call for your Castration?
Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Defense Attorney
when you help let some Scumbag go free,
did I hurt your feelings when I said you were worse than the scumbag you defended?

Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Dope Dealer
Did I hurt your feelings when I called you a terrorist?

Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Editorial Staff writer for the Review Journal
when I called you a Dope Pusher
when you wrote a PRO-Dope editorial
did I hurt your feelings?

I SURE HOPE SO!!!!!!!!
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What do you think?
Sex Offenders should be Castrated. It is Time we got Tough on Lawbreakers.
White Collar crime should be SEVERELY punished.