Thursday, February 27, 2003

Let’s look in the NCAA Bed - who do we find?
Viacom, the parent company of CBS Sports, owns 31 percent of, which operates the = anyone want to place a bet?
Is part too?
CBS Sports' deal with is part of the network's $6 billion, 11-year deal with the
N.C.A.A., covering the rights to broadcast various championships, including the men's
basketball tournament, as well as marketing, publishing, radio and Internet rights.

CBS' hypocrisy goes further than just an affiliation between CBS Sportsline and Vegas Insider.
it looks a lot like Sportsline USA is pulling the strings for all three operations (CBS Sportsline, Vegas Insider, and since they are all registered out of the same office in Fort Lauderdale.
What is CBS’ address in the Ethics Free Zone?
Where does the $6 BILLION go? Who gets it?