Thursday, April 24, 2003

Bush thinks $350 Billion is a "Little Bitty Amount".
No wonder the country is in TROUBLE.
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Lies – Nixon – Your President is not a crook.
Bush – Poppa – Read My Lips, NO new taxes.
Clinton – I did NOT have sex with that woman, Ms Lewinsky
Bush – Son - "We aren't going to steal your oil." - to the Iraqi people.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Bush says - the Oil in Iraq belongs to the people and it is theirs.
If that is true, than why doesn't the Oil in the US belong to the people? You and me.
Think about it.
You decided - How BAD is the Recession
Jobless figures point to deepening problems for US economy - By Nick Beams 22 April 2003
since the recession began in March 2001 the total number of jobs is down by 2.1 million, with a fall in the private sector of 2.6 million.
Two years since the start of the recession, the fall in private sector employment is the largest on record.
two years after the beginning of the early 1960s recession, private sector employment had increased by 0.2 percent.
Two years after the commencement of the 1973 recession it was down by 1.7 percent,
two years into the 1981 recession by 1.2 percent and for the early 1990s recession the figure was 1.5 percent.
However the two-year decline for the current recession is 2.3 percent.
The current jobless period stands out as the weakest on record.”
Furthermore, there is no sign of a turnaround.
since 1998, the US has shed 11 percent of manufacturing industry jobs, the “second worst rate of job loss in the past 50 years.”
“So far, this recession has spawned the longest continuous decline in jobs in half a century.”
Last year, home equity borrowing was $130 billion nearly double the level in 2001.

Sunday, April 20, 2003

They want to keep the UN inspectors OUT of Iraq.
No! The USA.
Sounds like it to me.