Thursday, June 17, 2004

5% LESS to throw away

Clinton Refuses to acknowledge that Perjury was the REASON for his impeachment.


Update to the Cry Baby NewsMax article on the Press Printing the Truth on Bush -

what they call - Liberal Media bias.

They Expect ALL Media to follow the lead of 24/7 Fox News Channel and 3 hours a day of Rush.

Give me ONE example of a falsehood by the Liberal Media. Just ONE.


NEW YORK (  -- Advertising spending will hit $140.3 billion in the U.S. during 2004.

CEO of TNS Media Intelligence, predicted 'a very good year' for the advertising industry.

A 5% Sales Tax on Advertising (STONA) would give $7 Billion to the states.


Let me give you an example of how a 5% Sales Tax on Advertising (STONA) would effect you.

In the Sunday LV Review Journal YOU threw away 280 pages of those Inserts, that NOBODY looks at. If 5% of the spending on them had got to STONA you would have only thrown away 266 pages of unread or unlooked at inserts.


The 2004 political Campaign will spend a record $1.5 billion in political ad spending.

Some believe that $1.5 Billion will buy a LOT of INFLUENCE.


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

They are picking on W again!

I subscribe to a newsletter from the HATE FILLED NewsMax so I can see how they are spreading the Hate today.

This just in. I put NMax in UNBOLD and MY input in Bold, so you can tell - who is saying what.


So, here goes - Boo!!! Hoo!!!! They are picking on Poor W again.

NewsMax Exposes $2 Billion Media War on Bush

The NewsMax report reveals that buying just a few minutes of ad time on

Howard Stern's national radio program each day until Election Day would cost Kerry $43 million.

But the senator gets that free, as Stern has dedicated himself to defeating President Bush.

Often Stern spends more than five minutes a day using his national radio show, with 8.5 million weekly listeners, to urge his fans to vote against Bush.


Besides Stern here is their List of - who hates Bush.

The big networks:

Dan Rather,

Did you Hear the Enron recording? I did. I heard them on Rather.

Peter Jennings                                                                                                                                              

Tom Brokaw

Matt Lauer,

Harry Smith,

ABC's Terry Moran

CNN's John King.

Katie Couric,

Maureen Dowd

Al Franken

New York Times



book publishing industry


films, from "The Day After Tomorrow" to

Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11."




The real reason Hollywood hates Bush

(no, it's not about the war; it's his Christian faith!).

Wonder HOW they KNOW that?


Here is a list of people that SHOULD HATE BUSH.

Taxpayers - because of the deficit

Telephone users - because the stopped competition at the local level

People alarmed about AID’s - because Bush cut off funding for countries that promote Condom use.

People living on Minimum Wage - Bush opposes an increase

Relatives of those that have died in this war.

Questions for Bush

Questions for Bush -

Questions for Bush -

If things are going So Well in Afghanistan. Why is DOPE production at an ALL TIME HIGH?


Answers - NONE, so far.

IF it is Important to YOU, it is important to ME!!!

The woman president of the University of Colorado should be fired as soon as she steps on campus this morning. Apparently, in response to the football situation where girls have come forward and complained that they were sexually assaulted by several members and in response to the

football coach calling the girl kicker the "C" word,

she (The President) said that that

"C" word could also be construed as a term of endearment.  Is she insane?


There is no way that that word, possibly the worst word in the English language is a word of endearment. 

She makes Bill Clinton's take on the English language look normal!  UGH! 

I would love to see all the kids on campus come up to her and say

"Good morning C------".  How would she like that?


One more chest thing - Madison Square Garden is not renewing Marv Alberts contract with the Knicks and Rangers. 

Marv will not sign the contract because of one clause in there -

they do not want him saying anything derogatory about either team. 

Those teams suck!  What is he supposed to do.  His personal life aside, I grew up with Marv Albert.  He is a great announcer.  What a shame. 

Well, aren't you glad you asked . . . . . . .!

**** From Ken - YES, I am GLAD I asked. Keep ‘em coming.