Friday, December 30, 2005

Until you ride in a Prius you just Won't Understand the difference. Most on here, are comparing a Prius to an Ordinary Car. The Prius is NOT an Ordinary Car.

The difference is Noticeable the Second you Press the On Button, and it turns on the Electric Motor.Like flipping a light switch to turn the light on. NO Gas ONLY car does that.

Over the years, I have owned, at least 30 different cars and rented at least twice that many. I was a Salesman, on the road,and drove, about, 1,000 miles a week.

I have friends that want the Latest Technology, They have the Latest Laptop, Blackberry, iPod, etc. But, they still drive an "OLD FASHION CAR".We Encourage Innovation in everything else, we should Encourage Innovation in Cars too.

Toyota is Fresh, and Innovative. GM is Arrogant, and going broke.

The Prius is NOT an Ordinary Car.