Sunday, July 25, 2004

Catholic Church is PRO-AIDS


When is the Catholic Church going to care enough about people to USE CONDOM USE???


Bush want us to believe - US world's biggest provider of condoms Powell said that America was the world's biggest provider of condoms for poor countries hard hit by AIDS." We buy more condoms than any other government on the face of the earth or organization on the face of the earth. Under this administration, we have doubled, if not tripled, the purchase of condoms for use in undeveloped nations," The debate over abstinence versus condoms in HIV prevention programs "take us off course," Powell said.


How not to fight AIDS

Palm Beach Post Editorial Saturday, July 17, 2004


AIDS has become an 8,000-deaths-a-day epidemic. Bush administration withholding $34 million for HIV/AIDS prevention and family services that help women and children in poor countries.


US criticized for requiring that one-third of the money spent on HIV prevention be used for abstinence programs of the $15 Billion Aids plan.