Saturday, April 19, 2003

At a Pentagon Press Briefing on 3-22-03 2 days after the war started
Rumsfeld outlined - 8 Broad Objectives by which the Bush Administration would define Victory.

I have Search everywhere for them on the internet.
They can't be found
anyplace except the NYTimes,
but they want $$$ for them.
But, NOW, I have it - If you are interested,
I can send you a list.
Let me know.

Here is the Mystery -
Why is that NOT available anyplace else?

Since then -
on Day 10 of the War
Petula Clark restated them again,
but only 5 of the 8.

#2 on the Original List -

2. Identify, isolate, and eventually eliminate Iraq’s WMD,
their delivery system, production capability and distribution system.
Has been downgraded to 4.
Destroying them is now #5.
Sounds to me
like they are scared.
What is your take?
Now I get it. The Reason the GOP'ers are for Smaller Gov't is because they can do as they want.
"The speed -- and lack of competitive bidding -- with which the State Department agency awarded six of its eight initial Iraqi reconstruction contracts drew criticism from Congress and attention to companies that, like IRG, had been little known outside the international development community."
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Friday, April 18, 2003

The ACLU is SO sneaky. They advertise about how Ashcroft is taking away our liberty.
But, do they have a place for Feedback to them? Yes they do.
But, the question is - DO THEY READ IT. The answer is NO.
How could Anyone Believe in them?
The Airlines are losing money - MILLION$.
We need Airlines, so, why not Nationalize them?
I Invite your comments -

2. Why do ALL articles, especially on the internet have to be 1,000 words?
Short is better.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

One of the problems with the News is - It is ALL the same length.
60 minutes shows 3 segments. Each the same length. I am waiting to see THIS Show,
ALL getting the Same length segment.
The Second Coming of Christ, The CURE for Cancer, and Brown Spots on Bananas.
What we NEED is Info. What we DON'T need is it said in 1,000 words.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Rumsfeld denied that the war plan for Iraq had not adequately prepared for Museum Looting.
If there had been Adequate Planning the Museum Looting would have NEVER BEEN ALLOWED.
Who does he blame?
He Blames the Museum for not doing something BEFORE the conflict. "That's what most people who run museums do prior to a conflict which was obviously well-publicized well in advance."
Can he Name ONE Conflict where this was done?
Cry Baby Bush is blaming Syria for taking the WMD.
Another Pitiful example of "I want my way".